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Art director: Zach Lepine

What's true of plants is true of other things. Maybe everything.

Trees have long been used to measure the passage of time.


But what if we used them to measure human progress instead?


Miracle Gro will plant 500 trees. Each tree is a ticking clock on the issues that have plagued us for too long. Domestic violence, poverty, addiction--any and every issue that causes human pain qualifies.

But how will we measure?


We’ll fit a metal ring around the newly planted trees. The ring will be the same diameter as a mature tree of that species. On the outside of the ring is a simple, universal imperative, “thrive." On the inside, however, is a story. A human story. The story of someone's life, someone's tragedy. As the tree grows to fill the ring, we’re reminded to make progress on that issue and to improve that person’s legacy. Once the tree is fully grown, the tragedy is concealed, absorbed, and all that remains is  the instruction to thrive.

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